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Busking in the Southgate Centre

Some recent discussion on Flickr suggested that the new Southgate Centre in Bath might not welcome buskers.

In fact we have been assured by the Southgate Centre Management that this is not the case, and that they are keen to welcome buskers, and in fact will be setting up their own booking system.

We have had the following message from them:-

We are delighted to be able to let you know that as of tomorrow, Thursday 20th May, the main square in SouthGate will be completely open.

We are keen to welcome quality buskers to the space. Like Abbey Yard, we will be implementing a booking system to ensure that everyone gets a fair share of the performing opportunities.

As a consequence, could you please let your performers know that if they would like to busk in SouthGate they will need to book a slot with Louise Maggs by calling her on 01225 469061 or by emailing her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Many thanks for your help with this - we are looking forward to welcoming some great and vibrant talent to the main square!

So that's a good thing. We would point out that it is not quite the same as in the Abbey Churchyard, which is a system set up by the buskers ourselves and is entirely self-regulating. This will be run by the Southgate Centre management. But it is encouraging that they seem to be taking a positive attitude.

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